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Jun '12

Pictures from our trip to the Milan Cathedral 17/5-12

Leonardo da Vinci

Jun '12

Pearls before swine – comic strip


Jun '12

Dancing genius?

This guy auditioned for So You Think You Can Dance (SYTYCD) and was absolutely brilliant.  He has his own style called Exorcist-style
but don’t let the name scare you off. Nigel Barker says he thinks “he could be a genius”, do you agree with him??

SYTYCD season 9 runs every Wednesday on Kanal 5 at  21.00 (Sweden) if anyone’s interested x)

Jun '12


We had our school graduation last thursday. Decided that since I’m changing school next semester I might as well leave Hassleholms Technical School like a sir. Or madame.

I also decided that I couldn’t leave my class without thanking them for a fantastic school year, and what better way is there to thank people than to bake brownies? ^^

"Like a sir"-brownies

I hadn’t really thought about that they might have an ace up their sleeve as well. Or three. Check this out;

Cider (alcohol free). PINEAPPLE!!! And best of all; a signed t-shirt :'D

Translation; Once an Intare, always an Intare. (“Intare” being a nickname for those who go the International Program.)They even got a few teachers to sign x) Kudos to you guys!
It couldn’t have been a better graduation :-D


Jun '12

Testing testing…

Let’s see here.. 1,2,3 testing testing! OK, blog “Lollo” is now officially up and running, yay! *applause*
I welcome you to my humble blog where I will try to keep you updated on our move to Italy, the land of mozzarella! =D

mm.. mozzarella :D

I’ll also be throwing in a bunch of other random things that are totally awsome; musik videos, books, pictures, comics,
hats… Hats are cool.  As you can see, and read, this blog is in English so that so many as possible can understand
what I’m writing. If I write in a language you don’t understand I’m probably making fun of you. No just kidding I wouldn’t
do that, not when Google translate’s around.. :P

Before I end my first post here’s a short presentation of me for those of you who don’t know me;
My name’s Louise, I’m from Sweden, at the age of 4-8 I lived in the US, my little sister’s name’s Martina and I like… hm… using my imagination x) And muffins.

I’m ending my post now. Bye.